Wood Fired Heating Networks

Wood Fired Heating Networks

On November 7, 2013, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lozère, as part of the Mission to promote wood energy in Lozère and in the Gard, which it leads, organized in Onet-le-Château, a day of discussions dealing with the different set-ups of wood-fired heating networks.

For a local authority, the investment costs for the creation of a wood-energy heating network and the legal support of the sale of heat can represent a brake on the implementation of a wood-energy project, in particular for the smallest municipalities.

Like initiatives carried out in the departments of Lot and Loire, it appears that one of the keys to the development of wood energy in the municipalities is the support of projects through a transfer of project management.

The purpose of this day was thus to introduce the thirty-five participants from Gard and Lozère to examples of carrying out wood-energy projects, either directly by the municipalities, or by transfer of project management to a departmental processing union. waste or energy.

After a word of welcome by Mr. CASTAGNET, elected from the municipality of Onet-le-Château, then an introduction by Mr. GUILLOT, Regional Director of ADEME Languedoc-Roussillon, recalling the objectives of the day, the boiler room wood and the heating network carried by the municipality of Onet-le-Château were presented. The interventions of SYDED du Lot and SIEL de la Loire then allowed them to present their feedback in setting up and carrying out wood-energy projects by transfer of project management.

In order to provide participants with a concrete vision of an achievement and to stimulate possible new projects, the visits to the town’s wood-fired boiler room as well as a heating network substation closed the day.

The Mission for the promotion of wood energy in Lozère and in the Gard, led by the Lozère Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in agreement with its counterparts in Nîmes and Alès Cévennes, benefits from the support of Europe, the Region Languedoc-Roussillon, ADEME, Departments and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Lozère and Gard.

Construction product compliance

Applicable from July 1, 2013, Regulation (EU) 305/2011 on construction products will replace the directive currently in force, thus marking a significant change in relation to the texts and practices that have been applicable in France since 1992.

All trades related to construction products are affected by this regulatory reform.

The Regulation will, in fact, make compulsory the establishment of a declaration of performance attesting to the reliability and accuracy of the information provided by the manufacturer for the CE marking of products. Consequently, on the basis of this “declaration of product performance”, it becomes possible to exchange views between the various players in the construction industry, since it is up to the specifiers, users (architects and project managers, etc.) to ensure that the products they choose are “fit for the purpose” they want to make.

Simplified procedures, in particular for the benefit of micro-enterprises, are also provided for by the new provisions.

The following items are to download:

  • PPT presentation supports
  • regulatory texts;
    -the harmonized EN standards in force;
    -the guide drawn up by the French members of the Enterprise Europe Network, about this regulation.

Construction product compliance

The Construction Bois Environnement award in LR is back for its third edition!

New constructions, rehabilitated, mixed constructions (wood / stone, wood / concrete…), public or private… You must submit your applications before June 21, 2013 to the regional inter-professional organization for the wood industry, Arfobois.

Any owner , architect, designer or timber construction company having carried out and completed, between September 30, 2011 and May 31, 2013, a timber construction located in Languedoc-Roussillon, has the possibility of participating for free in this competition.

Six categories have been determined for this edition:
– detached house,
– collective housing,
– public and tertiary building,
– extension, heightening and rehabilitation (any building),
– agricultural and industrial
building – other buildings.

One entry for two contests!
By applying for the Regional Awards you can, if you wish, apply for the 2013 National Wood Construction Award, with just one click!

The inter-professional organization of the timber industry is organizing the 2013 Construction Bois Environnement Regional Awards in partnership with the Languedoc Roussillon Region, the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry and France Bois Forêt.