Residents will vote on the name

Residents will vote on the name

Consultation of the population in town halls, before August 31. Since mid-April, work has been undertaken by the Haut-Allier community of municipalities (CCHA), on the site of the former lycée de Langogne. The building to be delivered in 2023 will include a media library, an auditorium, the tourist office, a commercial space and a shared workshop, the medico-psychological center, seven housing units and a public space and parking.

As part of the search for an appellation for this place, the Haut Allier community council wished to consult the population. This name should make it possible to communicate on the attractiveness of the CCHA territory and the educational and cultural dimension of this site with its various components.

Three names have been shortlisted

Espace Gargantua, this friendly and convivial giant celebrated every summer in Langogne, has left its mark in several places. Its image is associated with eating well and with local products, such as manouls. The Gargantua de Rabelais has an educational dimension with a Gargantuan palette of knowledge to be acquired and it carries humanist values.

Gardilles, a majestic forest massif dominated by the Moure de la Gardille, at 1,503 m. The forest of Mercoire inspires tales and legends. Rivers like the Allier, the Langouyrou, the Chassezac are born there, run through its undergrowth and cross our territory before going to irrigate France.

Margeride, a vast granite massif covered with meadows and forests with life-size landscapes. La Margeride is a territory of traditions, typical villages, crossed by rivers and delimited by the Allier and Truyère rivers. It is the largest of the natural regions of Lozère which is experiencing a well-deserved renewal of attractiveness.

The consultation is organized in all town halls and at the CCHA headquarters, until August 31. The result of this consultation will be presented to the community council which will decide on the process for the choice of the final appellation.

The history of this place will also be highlighted. Ironwork, reliquary of the statue of Saint-Joseph, balcony support bar, glazed ironwork will be deposited and enhanced locally, heritage association, teachers and local history enthusiasts …

Specific communications will make it possible to talk about the history of this site with the school of the brothers, which has formed many young people. It should also be noted that this building suffered a fire on July 15, 1944, in repression of acts of resistance, recalling the events of this period and the major role in the resistance of local personalities such as the mayor of Langogne, Pierre Grasset.

Start of the school year

Despite persistent rumors, the Pierre-Delmas college in Sainte-enimie is not threatened with closure. During a meeting, on July 8, in the presence of the Academic Director of National Education Services (Dasen) and his services, the principal and the principal deputy of the establishment, the services of the department and the common, development prospects were mentioned to provide a local response to the needs of users, but also to the level of attractiveness of the territory.

Thus, from the start of the school year, a steering committee will be set up to constitute actions around three axes: artistic and cultural around, in particular, the orchestra at the college which has been operating for three years, with very positive results, but also around the circus and dance arts, which allow the acquisition of other skills; languages, the aim is to develop language teaching so that pupils leaving college have a sufficient level to enable them to consider international mobility; to strengthen relations between the first and the second degree.

The idea is to consider the development of an education of excellence, but by no means a disciplinary college as has been the case in the past.

In the short term, it is a question of offering activities that enjoy and guaranteeing the well-being of the pupils, while preparing them in the long term for their post-baccalaureate course.

In addition, at the start of the 2021 school year, a double-level class bringing together 6th and 5th grade is maintained with an ideal number of twelve students.

All studies show that student success is better in this type of configuration.

As the pupils of Lozère are used to multi-level classes, from kindergarten and primary, this regrouping will not involve any particular educational difficulties. A local educational advisor will be made available to teachers to support them.

Consequently, all efforts will be made to develop the current already qualitative education towards an offer that is exceptional and known in the department.