Residents will vote on the name

Consultation of the population in town halls, before August 31. Since mid-April, work has been undertaken by the Haut-Allier community of municipalities (CCHA), on the site of the former lycée de Langogne. The building to be delivered in 2023 will include a media library, an auditorium, the tourist office, a commercial space and a shared workshop, the medico-psychological center, seven housing units and a public space and parking.

As part of the search for an appellation for this place, the Haut Allier community council wished to consult the population. This name should make it possible to communicate on the attractiveness of the CCHA territory and the educational and cultural dimension of this site with its various components.

Three names have been shortlisted

Espace Gargantua, this friendly and convivial giant celebrated every summer in Langogne, has left its mark in several places. Its image is associated with eating well and with local products, such as manouls. The Gargantua de Rabelais has an educational dimension with a Gargantuan palette of knowledge to be acquired and it carries humanist values.

Gardilles, a majestic forest massif dominated by the Moure de la Gardille, at 1,503 m. The forest of Mercoire inspires tales and legends. Rivers like the Allier, the Langouyrou, the Chassezac are born there, run through its undergrowth and cross our territory before going to irrigate France.

Margeride, a vast granite massif covered with meadows and forests with life-size landscapes. La Margeride is a territory of traditions, typical villages, crossed by rivers and delimited by the Allier and Truyère rivers. It is the largest of the natural regions of Lozère which is experiencing a well-deserved renewal of attractiveness.

The consultation is organized in all town halls and at the CCHA headquarters, until August 31. The result of this consultation will be presented to the community council which will decide on the process for the choice of the final appellation.

The history of this place will also be highlighted. Ironwork, reliquary of the statue of Saint-Joseph, balcony support bar, glazed ironwork will be deposited and enhanced locally, heritage association, teachers and local history enthusiasts …

Specific communications will make it possible to talk about the history of this site with the school of the brothers, which has formed many young people. It should also be noted that this building suffered a fire on July 15, 1944, in repression of acts of resistance, recalling the events of this period and the major role in the resistance of local personalities such as the mayor of Langogne, Pierre Grasset.

Start of the school year

Despite persistent rumors, the Pierre-Delmas college in Sainte-enimie is not threatened with closure. During a meeting, on July 8, in the presence of the Academic Director of National Education Services (Dasen) and his services, the principal and the principal deputy of the establishment, the services of the department and the common, development prospects were mentioned to provide a local response to the needs of users, but also to the level of attractiveness of the territory.

Thus, from the start of the school year, a steering committee will be set up to constitute actions around three axes: artistic and cultural around, in particular, the orchestra at the college which has been operating for three years, with very positive results, but also around the circus and dance arts, which allow the acquisition of other skills; languages, the aim is to develop language teaching so that pupils leaving college have a sufficient level to enable them to consider international mobility; to strengthen relations between the first and the second degree.

The idea is to consider the development of an education of excellence, but by no means a disciplinary college as has been the case in the past.

In the short term, it is a question of offering activities that enjoy and guaranteeing the well-being of the pupils, while preparing them in the long term for their post-baccalaureate course.

In addition, at the start of the 2021 school year, a double-level class bringing together 6th and 5th grade is maintained with an ideal number of twelve students.

All studies show that student success is better in this type of configuration.

As the pupils of Lozère are used to multi-level classes, from kindergarten and primary, this regrouping will not involve any particular educational difficulties. A local educational advisor will be made available to teachers to support them.

Consequently, all efforts will be made to develop the current already qualitative education towards an offer that is exceptional and known in the department.

Summer holidays in Lozère

For more than 20 million years, the Tarn has been digging its bed in the limestone soil of Lozère. To the point of creating balms, parades, cliffs 500 meters high. A set of geological wonders over 53 kilometers, today called the Gorges du Tarn.

In summer, the river is shallow. So difficult to get around there, but the inhabitants have always had the solution: long flat boats and boatmen armed with a pole to steer them. 

Thomas Persegol was born in these gorges, like his father before him, he goes down the river every day loaded with vacationers. “We have a nice office” , rejoices the young boatman. “And then I like the contact with nature, the setting and the contact with customers is pleasant: these are people who are there on vacation, we can share our love for the area with them”.

For a long time, the tradition has been passed down from father to son. At the time when the road did not exist, the boatmen allowed the transport of people, goods and animals along the Tarn. For 150 years, tourists have replaced cattle, the village of La Malène has become the capital of boatmen.

“La Malène has always been known to boatmen. This does not mean that there have always been boatmen only. But La Malène was the starting point of the most beautiful part of the river and the tradition of inland waterway transport has remained strong and well anchored in the village ” , recounts Eric Persegol, retired boatman and father of Thomas.

La Croze, a hamlet cut off from the world

Along the water, it is sometimes enough to lift your head a little to catch signs of hidden life like a small cable car suspended between two shores. It is used to transport groceries and luggage to the hamlet of La Croze. Located on the left bank, it is inaccessible by road and completely private.

“A man from Millau fell in love with the place” , relates Gilles Fages, the caretaker. “He bought the houses one after the other and completely restored them. Today, it is the heirs who benefit from it, it has become their holiday village. They come to 25-30 people in July and August. ”

The village is entirely made up of stone houses with slate roofs, typical of the region. That is to say limestone cut and placed on vaults also in stones. The hamlet is only open to the public once a year, on the occasion of heritage days.

Le Pas-de-Soucy, feet in the water

But this rocky chaos can also be visited with your feet in the water with adequate supervision . The aquatic hike is a canyoning formula in a family version, 3 hours of walks during which the most intrepid can cross siphons, let themselves be carried by rapids or jump from the cliffs.

“It is enormous ! It’s the first time I’ve jumped so high, it’s impressive, it’s adrenaline, but it’s good, it’s strong! ” reacts a holidaymaker from Angers with his wife, who marvels at the landscape: “the place is really very beautiful! If I compare it to the Gorges du Verdon, I prefer this one. I like the obstacles on the course, the water is transparent! This is really beautiful !”.

Paddleboard descent under the stars 

To unravel the best kept secrets of the Gorges, it is better to wait until the end of the day… and have some notions of balance. Because the ride is done in paddle over ten kilometers. On the program: a few rapids, but also and above all the discovery of a landscape that changes with the sunset.

Tourists and canoes desert the place, and nocturnal animals appear, to the delight of adventurers: “It’s original, we have the paddles that light up. We wait for nightfall, we hope to see beavers, ” says one of them. “It’s peaceful, you can hear the flowing water. That during the day, we won’t hear it because there is a lot more crowd ” , confides a boatman who is trying the experience for the first time with his partner: “ We hear all the noises of nature, it is is really that us and the silence around… We remember it ”, she specifies.

Discover Mont-Lozère differently

The artistic residency of the Monday evening collective ended with the inauguration on July 10 at Pont-de-Montvert in Vadrouïlle . These are seven sound creations to discover Mont-Lozère on long hiking trails. Public restitutions are scheduled during July. Vadrouïlle is a project of sound works around seven listening points materialized by stones located on either side of Mont-Lozère at the crossroads of the GR7 and the Stevenson path. These works were created by the Lundi soir collective during an artistic residency that lasted one year.

” In connection with IPAMAC (Inter Parcs Massif Central), the National Park wished to combine art and hiking in order to allow itinerants who often pass without stopping to immerse themselves in Mont-Lozère through art ” , explains Juliette Wettstein, responsible for sustainable tourism at the Cévennes National Park.

Over the seasons, Lorine Carton-Amor and Sami Tedeschi have gone to meet the inhabitants and the treasures of Mont-Lozère. “We received an incredible welcome from the people we met. Their generosity really marked us ”, smiles Lorine Carton-Amor, writer-director. These 7 sound creations have for themes: transhumance, resistance, storm, night, Tarn …

“ Each creation is different, the principle is to play on the counterpoint or the very strong relationship that exists between what we see and what we hear ” summarizes Sami Tedeshi, author and director. The sound works are to be discovered thanks to a listening kit available at the Bleymard (Tourist office and hotel-restaurant La Remise), at the station of Bleymard (restaurant Le Refuge) as well as at Pont-de-Montvert (Office of tourism).
The second possibility is to download the Vadrouïlle application on a smartphone.

GRIMP succor of three hikers on Mount Lozère

The three Gardois hikers were however seasoned… but the bad weather and fatigue put them in a very bad position. Explanation :

The small group was hiking on the weekend. Saturday, they had all three left Bleymard to join the Mas-de-la-Barque where they slept. It was the next day, Sunday, during the return trip that the vagaries of the weather and fatigue put them in difficulty. One of them was unable to take a further step, suffering from severe muscle pain in his legs. “They were surprised by the weather which deteriorated very quickly and the heavy snowfall. There was a layer of about 1 m of snow, see 1.5 m in the snowdrifts ”, explains Commander Frédéric Robert, director of the national training center GRIMP (Groupe de Recherche et d’Intervention en Milieux Perilleux) and chief relief operations.

It was past 5 p.m., this Sunday, March 17, when the hikers sheltered their exhausted comrade in a stone cabin, in the Mas-Camargue sector. Then they moved to Belcoste to have telephone coverage and notify the emergency services.

At 5:16 p.m., the Alert Processing Center (number 18) was notified, began operations and then advised hikers to regroup in the shelter of the shed. The group is isolated, the weather conditions are deplorable… so many elements that justify a large deployment to find them: 26 men and 6 vehicles are engaged. Among them, 15 GRIMP specialists, qualified for “snow” interventions. It will take the support of the snow plow of the municipality of Pont-de-Montvert to get as close as possible to the search area, but it is on snowshoes that the investigations continued … despite the vagueness of the information, the hikers were quickly located… safe and sound. Simply quits for a great fright! They were repatriated to Pont-de-Montvert where the town hall accommodated them.

A last weekend for Sking!

The weather is crazy… and that’s not news! If the Mont-Lozère resort had a good season this year, we cannot say that it was particularly privileged in terms of snowpack either. Very often, the heavy falls which have benefited most of the resorts have stupidly avoided the Mont-Lozère sector. The opening of the station was then due only to the hard work of the employees. With a lot of shovels and snow groomers, they made the most of what little they had.

Then, the end of the season arrived. On the scheduled date, the station closed and the employees returned to their homes! It was without counting the whims of Mother Nature who decided to cover Mont-Lozère with a comfortable snowpack reaching more than 1 m. The opportunity was too good. As well, has the team decided to do everything in their power to open one more weekend… 35 cm at the bottom and a lot more at the top of the slopes will therefore be waiting for the spring skiers this weekend.

On the condition, however, that too much warmth does not stupidly spoil the announced reopening. In short: for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, it will be all good. For downhill skiing, it’s also open. The whole team has surpassed itself with a lot of pleasure and passion to offer a last week-end of skiing to Lozère spring skiers! too much warmth does not stupidly spoil the announced reopening. In short: for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, it will be all good. For downhill skiing, it’s also open.

The whole team has surpassed itself with a lot of pleasure and passion to offer a last week-end of skiing to Lozère spring skiers! too much warmth does not stupidly spoil the announced reopening. In short: for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, it will be all good. For downhill skiing, it’s also open. The whole team has surpassed itself with a lot of pleasure and passion to offer a last week-end of skiing to Lozère spring skiers!

Fight Against Money Laundering

The real estate boom sometimes attracts and hides dubious capital. Criminal networks, increasingly complex and internationalized, seek, in fact, to recycle and reintegrate into the legal economy, dirty money by investing, to do so, in various sectors of activity including real estate. This is why the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) and Tracfin, the unit for the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism which depends on the Ministry of economy and finance, released on November 6, 2018, new guidelines to remind professionals in the sector of their obligations in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML / CFT).
More vigilance

Transposition of the 4th directive of the European Parliament and of the European Council (of 20 May 2015), this document, by its explanatory nature, aims to help all players in the sector (all real estate intermediaries including trustees co-ownership) involved in transaction and property management operations to better assess, detect, manage and report any suspicion of dirty money laundering or terrorist financing. These suspicions can, for example, arise in the face of transactions involving the purchase of real estate by people who obviously do not have the necessary funds and who work on behalf of a third party seeking to conceal the fraudulent origin of the funds allocated. Purchases via a “taxi account” passing funds from tax havens are also situations that should alert and give rise to reporting. Faced with these maneuvers, real estate professionals are invited to be more vigilant and to understand their role in AML / CFT which requires good coordination between players in the sector on the one hand and with public control structures on the other hand.


While the number of suspicious transaction reports has increased in recent years (from 84 in 2016 to 178 in 2017), this result seems, according to Tracfin’s 2016 activity report, to be out of step with the volume of real estate business carried out during this period. growth in the sector, particularly in Ile-de-France and in the Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region. These reports are also, essentially, the fact of professional networks organized much more than of independent real estate agencies. In addition, the quality of the reports could be enhanced by real estate professionals who “have a significant amount of information (identity document, proof of address, financial package, etc.) capable of shedding light on the legality of the information. operations ”. To report these doubtful cases,


It remains to continue the work of awareness, information and training of professionals in the sector. CCIs in France who, since July 1, 2015, issue professional cards for real estate agents and “real estate agency staff” certificates can contribute to this. Required for the renewal of their professional card to be an obligation of continuous training since January 2017, real estate professionals could seize this opportunity to increase their skills in the management of risky situations in terms of dirty money laundering and financing. terrorism.

Wood Fired Heating Networks

On November 7, 2013, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lozère, as part of the Mission to promote wood energy in Lozère and in the Gard, which it leads, organized in Onet-le-Château, a day of discussions dealing with the different set-ups of wood-fired heating networks.

For a local authority, the investment costs for the creation of a wood-energy heating network and the legal support of the sale of heat can represent a brake on the implementation of a wood-energy project, in particular for the smallest municipalities.

Like initiatives carried out in the departments of Lot and Loire, it appears that one of the keys to the development of wood energy in the municipalities is the support of projects through a transfer of project management.

The purpose of this day was thus to introduce the thirty-five participants from Gard and Lozère to examples of carrying out wood-energy projects, either directly by the municipalities, or by transfer of project management to a departmental processing union. waste or energy.

After a word of welcome by Mr. CASTAGNET, elected from the municipality of Onet-le-Château, then an introduction by Mr. GUILLOT, Regional Director of ADEME Languedoc-Roussillon, recalling the objectives of the day, the boiler room wood and the heating network carried by the municipality of Onet-le-Château were presented. The interventions of SYDED du Lot and SIEL de la Loire then allowed them to present their feedback in setting up and carrying out wood-energy projects by transfer of project management.

In order to provide participants with a concrete vision of an achievement and to stimulate possible new projects, the visits to the town’s wood-fired boiler room as well as a heating network substation closed the day.

The Mission for the promotion of wood energy in Lozère and in the Gard, led by the Lozère Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in agreement with its counterparts in Nîmes and Alès Cévennes, benefits from the support of Europe, the Region Languedoc-Roussillon, ADEME, Departments and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Lozère and Gard.

Construction product compliance

Applicable from July 1, 2013, Regulation (EU) 305/2011 on construction products will replace the directive currently in force, thus marking a significant change in relation to the texts and practices that have been applicable in France since 1992.

All trades related to construction products are affected by this regulatory reform.

The Regulation will, in fact, make compulsory the establishment of a declaration of performance attesting to the reliability and accuracy of the information provided by the manufacturer for the CE marking of products. Consequently, on the basis of this “declaration of product performance”, it becomes possible to exchange views between the various players in the construction industry, since it is up to the specifiers, users (architects and project managers, etc.) to ensure that the products they choose are “fit for the purpose” they want to make.

Simplified procedures, in particular for the benefit of micro-enterprises, are also provided for by the new provisions.

The following items are to download:

  • PPT presentation supports
  • regulatory texts;
    -the harmonized EN standards in force;
    -the guide drawn up by the French members of the Enterprise Europe Network, about this regulation.

Construction product compliance

The Construction Bois Environnement award in LR is back for its third edition!

New constructions, rehabilitated, mixed constructions (wood / stone, wood / concrete…), public or private… You must submit your applications before June 21, 2013 to the regional inter-professional organization for the wood industry, Arfobois.

Any owner , architect, designer or timber construction company having carried out and completed, between September 30, 2011 and May 31, 2013, a timber construction located in Languedoc-Roussillon, has the possibility of participating for free in this competition.

Six categories have been determined for this edition:
– detached house,
– collective housing,
– public and tertiary building,
– extension, heightening and rehabilitation (any building),
– agricultural and industrial
building – other buildings.

One entry for two contests!
By applying for the Regional Awards you can, if you wish, apply for the 2013 National Wood Construction Award, with just one click!

The inter-professional organization of the timber industry is organizing the 2013 Construction Bois Environnement Regional Awards in partnership with the Languedoc Roussillon Region, the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry and France Bois Forêt.